AD-390 Tridrive Suspension

Suspension: Neway AD-390 at 90,000lb rear GAWR
Suspension Ride Height: 10.0″ from centerline of axle to bottom of frame.
Country of Operation: New Zealand
Steering: Right Hand Drive
Engine: C15 550 hp @ 2100 rpm
Rear Axle: Meritor RZ-188G U-Series Tridem Axle
Vocation: Logger, maximum 8% grade, rough, or asphalt road surface

Design Criteria:

  • Design of Suspension Installation needed to be completed in 4 weeks to ensure adequate time to order parts.
  • Suspension Installation Diagram and Articulation Layout was completed to verify shock mounting positions, interaxle driveline lengths and required bumpstops. Clearances to frame and crossmembers were also verified.
  • Torque rods and transverse control rods were designed and positioned to provide the least bushing loading through full suspension travel and inner and outer frame plates were used to distribute the transverse loading through the torque rods into the frame.