Pivotal Designs is a provider of 3D Computer Aided Design solutions focusing on smaller or shorter term projects where it is not economical for your company to hire dedicated staff or to support your company complete excess workload.

Areas where we can help include:

  • Design of new parts or redesign of existing parts for vehicles or machinery. This could involve designing to ensure clearances to other components and working with your stress or structures group to ensure the new part meets all of the loading requirements.
  • Welded fabrication to casting part conversions. If a welded part has enough build volume it is often quite economical to convert this part to a casting
  • Drawing conversions from legacy paper or other CAD systems to Pro Engineer or CATIA V5.
  • Product graphic renderings for marketing and presentations.
  • Technical manuals or instruction books to be shipped with products including the drawings and graphics. This is your customer’s first impression of your product when they take it out of the box.

Please take a look at past projects to get a better idea of what Pivotal Designs can do for you.

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Email: info@pivotaldesigns.ca

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